Adolescent girls after Life Skills Training on Sexual Reproductive Health Workshop
Teachers join in the distribution of Sanitary towels to the girls after peer to peer discussion
PDI beneficiaries after an IGA workshop
Goat Rearing Beneficiary

Participatory Development Initiatives

Participatory Development Initiatives (PDI) is an organization that focuses on the lives of  women, girls and children.  Its registered in Kenya as non profit.  PDI was started in 2002 as a merry go-round group for women that had come together to support each other in times of need

With the burden of HIV/AIDs, most were affected if not infected; besides, the increasing number of orphans that they had to look after was so overwhelming that they could not bear it alone but decided to seek for assistance elsewhere hence the birth of PDI, which was officially registered as a NGO in 2004,

PDI encourages participation of every member especially in initiatives that are geared towards development for improvement of livelihoods, support and care services.  The goal of the organization is to address profound challenges of the vulnerable, in the slums, moral areas and reach out to the marginalized in the community, with a special focus to addressing the plight of the w omen and children.



Adolescent Girls inclusion

Adolescent girls account for 71 per cent of new infections, says Health ministry.

Kenya is among six countries with the highest number of adolescents infected with HIV/Aids in the world.

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