Adolescent girls after Life Skills Training on Sexual Reproductive Health Workshop
Teachers join in the distribution of Sanitary towels to the girls after peer to peer discussion
PDI beneficiaries after an IGA workshop
Goat Rearing Beneficiary


PDI has contributed and still continues to contribute significatly towords the improvement of the lives of the people in the community through its artistically well desiged programs amied at supporting the infected and most vulnarable children in the community. These programs are broken down in to activities that are thereafter given to different groups of people according there needs.

These activites defined as follows:

Activity 1: Women empowerment

  • Information and education materials
  • Provision of small grants for income generating activities
  • Provision of skill based training such as vocational training

Activity 2: Orphan Care and support

  • Pysco-social support through counceling
  • Education through payment of fees and buying uniforms
  • Nutrition program (feeding program)
  • Under this program we care and support these who are infected with HIV/AIDS by providing basic needs
  • We also provide HIV testing and councelling (HTC) and later refer them for propure medical check up in established medical centres.
  • Provision of skill based training such as vocational training
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